Why choose REALPAD?

Solutions tailored exclusively for real estate developers

  • Financial Management

    • Business plan creation
    • Budgeting
    • Supplier relationship management
    • Order tracking
    • Invoice approvals
    • Accounts payable
    • Cash flow forecasting
  • Inventory Management

    • Pricing structure
    • Inventory bundling
    • Seamless synchronization with real estate portals, website and mobile devices
    • Inventory history tracking
  • Customer Relationship Management

    • Contact database management, including lead capture, views, reservations, automatically generated sales agreements, payment schedules, accounts receivable, technical inspections and upgrades, handover and claims processing
    • Automated task management and alerts
    • Targeted marketing campaign execution and management
    • Integration with existing third-party email, marketing and accounting software
  • Analytics & Reporting

    • Marketing activity ROI and market segmentation
    • Customer and sales agent performance with commissions and inventory tracking
    • Financial reporting and trend analysis
    • Custom management reports and notifications

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